Please feel free to contact us.

This clinic is on the 4th floor of Art Center of Kobe Bldg.,very close to Shin-Kobe station(subway and JR Shinkansen).

We will do our best to maintain and promote your health through the treatment of general diseases, especially cardiovascular (heart and vessels) and respiratory (lung, bronchus and throat) diseases and easy surgical cases, prevention and treatment of lifestyle illnesses with advice of your life style, medical checkup and vaccination, etc.
 We welcome not only  those who are sick or concerned about health but also those who want to promote health more. We will be glad to give you any advice about medicine or health.

Our clinic is very conveniently located, close to Shin-Kobe Station and  lots of facilities including art museum, fitness club, shops or restaurants. Please visit us on your way to such places.

Because Dr.Ohkado speaks English fluently, we will welcome English-speaking people who do not speak Japanese. Please do not hesitate to visit us even without an interpreter.

You can download the medical questionnaire from here for your first visit.
Please print after filling it out on your PC or handwrite after printing it.
Bringing it with you facilitates the consultation procedures.

《Medical Questionnaire》

Medical Questionnaire

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